About Ruse


Photograph: Alexander Kartchinski


Ruse is a cosmopolitan city situated at a crossroads. Different ages have left their mark on the city’s diversity of cultural layers through its 2000 years of history. But one thing remains unchanged – it’s spirit, free and eternal like the great European river which creates influences, connects, inspires life and gives promise to the future…


Ruse owes its unique cultural atmosphere to the European influence. As the biggest Bulgarian city on the Danube River, Ruse meets modernity, innovations and the aristocratic spirit of the romantic era of prosperity. “|All that I experienced later had already happened in Rouschuck” this is how the Ruse-born Nobel prize laureate summarizes the cosmopolitan spirit and diversity of the city, which seem to have left their mark on its exquisitely ornamented architecture and crossroad identity.


Ruse is a city which overcomes borders and creates its future in the wider context of cross-border partnership with Giurgiu and Bucharest.


Ruse welcomes its guests as the European capital of  Bulgaria and as a free spirit city!

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