The identity of our city is built on traditions, European spirit and innovativeness. Situated on the bank of the most international river in the world – the Danube, today Ruse is a city which creates its future in the wider context of cross-border and macro-regional cooperation.


The goal of the Ruse Free Spirit campaign is to regenerate the creative power of the city and to turn it into a cultural centre in the Danube region, uniting citizens, cultural communities, artists, professional unions, academic representatives, non-governmental organisations, international partners and the media.


Ruse Free Spirit City Municipal Foundation supports and stimulates the implementation of activities which strengthen the positions of Ruse as a city which successfully combines traditions and innovation in the sphere of: civil society development, science, education, culture, historical heritage preservation, cultural tourism development, arts and literature, inventions and high technologies.


In 2014 the Municipal foundation created “The Faces of Ruse” fund, which stimulates the development of local talents in the spheres like science, education, art and culture, promoting the city on national and international level with their achievements.


Within the campaign we support the realisation of large-scale and innovative events, which create sense of community, because we believe this is how Ruse can strengthen its image as a port of the free creative spirit.


We create international partnership networks and we actively work to promote our city as a cultural tourism destination. In this regard, we are working on the Strategy for Investment and City Marketing of Ruse Municipality 2014-2020, which will outline the overall vision for attracting more tourists, foreign investors and qualified staff.


Our ambition is to make “Ruse – free spirit city” a common cause for all citizens of Ruse. We are committed to making our city a dynamic and exciting place where the best and the brightest want to be – a city providing opportunities for people to develop their creative vision and take their creativity to a new level and inspiring them to pursue their passions and to turn their dreams into reality.

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