Ruse to celebrate Folk Costume Day

A press conference took place today at Ruse Municipality today in relation to the Folk Costume Day,  dedicated to the upcoming Christian holiday Sirni Zagovezni. The event will take place on February 16, 2018 at Kaneff Centre.  It is the culmination of the project of Association “Friedrich Schiller” School Board “Studying and Promoting Bulgarian Folk traditions and Festive Rituals by Celebrating Folk Costume Day“, financed under the “Knowledge and Growth” Programme of  Ruse Free Spirit City Foundation, implemented with the support of Econt Foundation.


The press conference was attended by Mrs Silviya Velizarova – representative of the school board, Mrs Iskra Ivanova – principal of “Friedrich Schiller” German Language School, Dr Mariyana Georgieva – author of the project and Bulgarian language and literature teacher at “Friedrich Schiller” German Language School, Mrs Galina Panova – art teacher at “Friedrich Schiller” German Language School, the hosts of the event Zhulieta Ivanova and Velizar Velizarov and Mrs Elena Minkova – Executive Director of Ruse Free Spirit City Municipal Foundation.  


“The essence of the project is to spread the idea about going back to your roots and embracing the Bulgarian spirit among young people and that is exactly why it meets the criteria of the “Knowledge and Growth” Programme, said Mrs Minkova during the meeting.


The project was presented by Dr Mariyana Georgieva and Mrs Galina Panova.


The Folk Costume Day will start at 10:20 am on February 16, in front of Kaneff Centre, with attractive procession of kukeri under the sound of authentic Bulgarian bells, with the participation of children and parents. The official opening of the celebration will start at 10:30 am and minutes later will be opened exhibitions of kuker masks and household items.  A procession of authentic folk costumes will take place at Kaneff centre, with the participation of students from almost all Ruse schools. Clothes from the authentic collection of Veliko Todorov from Byala will be shown for the first time. A “Parent and Child” competition will take place during the celebration.  

During the event, actors from Theatre “Kamila” and Studio “Nashentsi” will present ritual practices typical for Sirni Zagovezni.  The guests will have the opportunity to enjoy traditional Bulgarian cuisine thanks to the culinary skills of the parents. Groups performing authentic folklore from the community centres from the villages of Semerdzhievo, Nikolovo, Chilnov, Tsenovo and Byala will contribute to the festive atmosphere.


Awards will be presented to the winners in the school competitions for kuker masks and literary work with theme “Forgiveness”.  A total of 92 masks and dolls  made by authors of almost all Ruse schools participated in the contest. Nine of them were awarded.


The essay, short story and poetry contest with theme “Forgiveness” took place in two age categories - grades 5-7 and grades 8-12.  After a detailed analysis, the expert commission decided to award 18 of the received literary works.


“The celebration is preceded by a serious preparation and students have shown great interest,” said the principal of “Friedrich Schiller” German Language School Mrs Iskra Ivanova.  She said that the project idea is aimed at all students, teachers, parents in Ruse and is about creating a sense of belonging to your roots and realising the meaning of traditions in order to form a lasting positive attitude and to create a real prerequisite for the preservation and passing down the unique Bulgarian folklore identity to younger generations.  


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