Students and teachers to organise Folk Costume Day

“Friedrich Schiller” German Language School Ruse hosted a work meeting for the partners under project “Studying and promoting Bulgarian folk traditions and festive rituals by celebrating Folk Costume Day (Sirni zagovezni)“. The project is financed under the “Knowledge and Growth” Programme of Ruse Free Spirit City Municipal Foundation which is implemented with the support of Econt Foundation. Representatives of the project partners – the School board of “Friedrich Schiller” German Language School, “Friedrich Schiller” German Language School, State archive – Ruse and Children’s Theatre Group “Kamila” discussed the start of the project activities, related to the “Folk costume day (Sirni zagovezni)”.


The nature of the project is related to creating an interest towards the Bulgarian folklore tradition and appreciating the profound moral meaning of the Sirni zagovezni holiday. The project target groups are students and teachers in the city of Ruse. The project aims to create a sense of belonging to one’s roots and the meaning of traditions, thus creating a lasting positive attitude and a prerequisite for the preservation and passing down to generations the unique Bulgarian folklore identity. The project envisages the formation of folklore groups for exploration and reproduction of authentic folk traditions.


The project will be promoted through a dedicated section on the website of “Friedrich Schiller” German Language School and a Facebook page. 

Partners and Donors

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