Virtual laboratory for professions of the future to open in Ruse

Work meeting in relation to the launch of project “Virtual laboratory for professions of the future” is to take place on October 17, 2017 in “Ivan Vazov” Primary School. The project is implemented with the financial support of Ruse Free Spirit City Foundation and Econt Foundation under the “Knowledge and Growth” Programme.


The project objective is to help adolescents when choosing a profession, to motivate them to study and to make a proper career choice. The project aims to help students acquire skills to identify and develop their talent and to use it when use choosing their future profession, to broaden their horizons and prepare themselves to successfully overcome challenges.


190 students from grades 4-7 from “Ivan Vazov” Primary School will participate in the “Virtual laboratory for professions of the future”. Eight “Star workshops for professions of the future” will be created. In the workshops the students will conduct research and creative activity in order to discover the professions of the future. They will have the opportunity to meet with motivational speakers, working in different fields and will be introduced to the nature of the work in different companies and institutions.


Partners under the project are Ruse Municipality, “Networx Bulgaria”, University of Ruse “Angel Kanchev”, “Lena Velur” tailoring company, Football club “Dunav”, Regional Directorate of the Ministry of Interior – Ruse,  “Stroitel” Ltd,  “Bistra and Galina” Foundation. 

Partners and Donors

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