Virtual museum tells the history of economics education in Ruse

Vocational secondary school of economics and management “Elias Canetti” – Ruse invites all alumni and current students, teachers, staff members and persons related to economics education in the city of Ruse to participate in the “School of generations” initiative. Participants can submit diplomas, photographs, share memories and information about teachers and the teaching process, symbols, rituals and other documents and objects, related to the establishment and development of the economics school and education in Ruse. The submitted materials will enrich the historical memory of the school and the city of Ruse and will be included in the school’s museum exhibition as well as in the virtual school museum.


Those who wish to submit information, documents or objects may contact the organisers at e-mail:  

or at the following address:

Ruse - 7000,

22 Borisova Street,

Vocational secondary school of economics and management “Elias Canetti” – Ruse,

Kalina Peneva

Phone: +359 82/834510, +359 82/834074


The “School of generations” initiative is part of project “Technologies of the future for preservation of urban and school identity” under Programme “Knowledge and Growth”, implemented by Ruse Free Spirit City Foundation with the support of Econt Foundation.


The project proposal envisages the creation of virtual multimedia products – multimedia visualisation platform (hologram pyramid) to showcase history, achievements, school life, important school and city events in the school foyer and kiosk (info point), which will be installed near the school main entrance.


The central location of the school will facilitate the quick and easy dissemination of information to all stakeholders.


The project will be completed by 15th December, 2018 in partnership with “Angel Kanchev” University of Ruse, International Elias Canetti Society and the School Board of Vocational secondary school of economics and management “Elias Canetti”.

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